15 of the Funniest #NBA Finals Memes

Posted on Jun 21, 2013 in Ideas, Sports

15 of the Funniest #NBA Finals Memes

1. No Words

2. You know you’ve got it made when your Britney Spears-inspired meme is plastered on a shirt.

3. David Stern’s Big Three taking their talents to Texas should raise questions from NBA conspiracy theorists.

4. The Flash who handed the Heat their 2006 title scored 32 points in Game 4.

5. Further proof that the face of video-game NBA 2K14 has been called LeFlop James too many times.

6. Shane Battier, so successful in getting the refs to blow their whistles on drawing offensive fouls, should author a flopping guide complete with how-to illustrations.

7. LeBron understands what it means to leave everything on the floor, so he left his headband somewhere on the court in Game 6.

8. Not on the King’s court, Tiago Splitter, but you probably know that by Game 2.

9. Apparently, LeBron James and Gollum have something in common.

10. Win or lose, count on Coach Pop to say the darndest things.

11. The way Pop has been using T-Mac these NBA Finals—a garbage-time attraction is how we put it–it’s increasingly easy to forget that we’re referring to the same guy (although already a shell of himself) who single-handedly torched the Spurs for 13 points in 33 seconds back in 2009. T-Mac and his team won that game, by the way.

12. In case you didn’t know, Manu, time machines don’t work for Game 6—just ask D-Wade. And D-Wade wants his time machine back for Game 7.

13. For the record, the Spurs are not the most boring team in the NBA. Bored-looking maybe, but definitely far from boring.

14. Obviously, this was created before the Heat silenced the Spurs in Game 6. Oopsie.

15. Let’s see who’s going to do the spanking after Game 7, shall we?



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  1. A very deserving win for miami..

  2. congrats to the miami heat better luck next time to the spurs..

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