Dress For Success

Posted on Aug 23, 2014 in Lifestyle

Dress For Success


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By Tatin Yang for Yahoo! Southeast Asia

Dress for Success

Dress for Success

Vito Studio, an online shop showcasing the creations of the country’s best designers, celebrated its first anniversary recently. The site is the brainchild of partners Corinne Alegre and Bianca Salonga, who both have strong backgrounds in fashion and style. Vito Studio offers clothing, accessories and jewelry from a select list of Philippine talent.

We ask some of their designers tips on how to dress for work and what clothes to look for to flatter your body type.

Basic pieces

“A working woman should invest in a capsule collection of work clothes that include dresses and separates,” says designer Ronaldo Arnaldo.

Among these basic pieces, designer Tippi Ocampo says a suit, whether a pants/jacket or skirt/jacket combination, is essential. Don’t think denim isn’t invited to the work party. “A well-fitting pair of jeansa white shirtflats and a killer bag is an easy outfit for work,” shares Veejay Floresca.

Fabric and fit

When it comes to looking for work pieces, Arnaldo advises looking for low-maintenance articles of clothing. “Fabrics should be light, easy to maintain and crease-free,” he says. Crease-free garments will help you look fresh and put-together the whole day, even if you’ve been running around the office putting out corporate fires.

Even when buying off the rack, make sure to look for pieces that look as if it were tailored especially for you. “Fit is everything if you want to look professional and polished but still feminine. Having clothes custom-made, or altering clothes that you buy off the rack to better fit your body–this makes all the difference between sloppy and sharp,” adds Tippi Ocampo.

Color palette

As for your color palette for your work wardrobe, neutrals are always on trend. “It’s best to invest in grays and beiges, and accessorize with color, e.g. scarves, bags, inner wear,” says JC Buendia.

Young designer Maureen Disini says that classic hues should still dominate your wardrobe. “You can never go wrong with taupe, gray, white, navy blue and black,” she adds.


If you want to add a feminine touch to your work outfits, Arnaldo recommends wearing a shift dress with a coat. “It’s professional and businesslike yet feminine and sexy, especially if the dress is of an above the knee length” he adds. For a more casual version, he suggests a silk shirt top paired with a short skirt.

Here are more designer tips and tricks on how to dress for your body type.

If you are a:

Pear (bottom-heavy with wider hips in proportion to top half of the body)

“Pear-shaped women should be careful with the cut of their skirts; they would look nice in slightly trumpet shapes or A-line,” says JC Buendia. “Tailored jackets help balance pear shapes, too.” adds Ocampo.

Petite (small-boned and not too tall)

“Look for flowy and structure pieces that aren’t too fitted,” recommends Floresca. “Dresses should be knee-length or a little bit above the knee. All lines–seams, detail, and prints–should be vertical. Horizontal details will cut the figure and can make petite women look shorter. Avoid bold or large prints.” Arnaldo adds.

Curvy (defined waist, hips and bust are almost proportionate)

“Select solid shades and color block when assembling your wardrobe,” says Disini. “Curvy women should flaunt their figures, go for jersey dresses and pencil cuts,” says Buendia. “Look for stretch dresses, too, but make sure it clings to the right places,” adds Arnaldo.

Triangle (top-heavy with narrow hips)

“If your top is stockier, you can balance your figure with A-line hemlines or a flared hem–this helps equalize the hips,” says Arnaldo.

Straight (narrow all over)

“Create definition and curves by tricking the eye with details,” says Disini. “Pant suits and dresses with patterns look flattering on straight body types,” adds Buendia.



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