eCommerce FAQ’s

What Is Involved In Setting Up An ECommerce Website?

First, of course, you’ll need a site design and the usual functional elements of a website, such as a contact form. For standard eCommerce functionality, you will need several additional components: an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate, a merchant account, a payment gateway, a back-end database for processing orders and storing customer information, and a shopping cart solution. We can help you with all of these items.

I’m Only Selling A Few Products. Can You Set Me Up With PayPal?

Yes. If you only have a handful of products, you can use PayPal for payment processing. However, you should understand that your customers will be directed to PayPal’s site while placing their order. Also, as your sales grow, it will become more economical to switch to a standard merchant plan.

What eCommerce platforms do you use?

We use Woocommerce for small to medium size projects and Magento for high-scalable and multi-tenant projects.

How much it would cost me for an eCommerce site?

It would cost you $560 US to $1,490 US if choosing Woocommerce and $1,500 US to $3,000 US if you choose Magento.

Is An SSL For A Domain Name Also Valid For Its Sub-Domains?

No, unless you get a wildcard certficate, the SSL certificate is only valid for the exact domain or sub-domain that you registered it for. If you require an SSL for a sub-domain, keep in mind that the sub-domain has to be on a dedicated IP address.