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Cebu Web Concepts Ecommerce Terms & Conditions

Our Ecommerce Package performs a significant number of functions as an online shop – it’s a pretty exceptional product. These Terms & Conditions operate in combination with our Standard Terms, however these are additional terms specific to our Ecommerce Package.

It’s not possible to cover each and every one of the functions your Ecommerce website performs with your sales consultant pre sale, because it’s just too much ground to go over. The purpose of these terms is to give you a clear understanding of what you can expect from your Ecommerce Website in terms of functionality, design, and customisation.

The Terms are divided into sections – what the base package functionality covers, what other additional functionality is available with additional programming time at cost, and finally what the system does not do. This should provide you with a clear understanding of what you can expect from the Cebu Web Concepts Ecommerce solution.

Base Module Functionality:

The Ecommerce Module Covers the ability to:
1. Add/Update your website’s products, categories, and sub categories
2. Update and edit manufacturers and suppliers of your products
3. Change product price points, and put products on special
4. Select or change which category a product displays in
5. Create delivery/packing slips for shipping your products
6. Add Meta Data and create Search Engine friendly URLs
7. Upload PDF documents as part of a products details
8. Create product packs (selling a combination of multiple products)
9. Select your shipping rates for pre defined regions
10. Select Free Shipping for orders over a certain price or weight threshold which you define
11. Accept credit card payment through Paypal or regular payments via Bank Transfer
12. View your customers contact details so you may contact them about an order
13. Create an invoice for an order to attach with the shipped product
14. Add and edit informational (versus product) pages e.g. About Us/FAQ pages
15. Manage order fulfilment

These functions will perform as shown in the Back-end Admin Panel we will provide. If you want to change the actual and usual way the system performs a function, this may or may not be possible. If possible, this will require additional programming time, and will be quoted on a case by case basis.

Additional Functionality Options

If you require additional functionality that falls outside of the base functionality mentioned above, we require a clear brief outlining your requirements. We will then consult our programmers, to ascertain whether your requirements are within our technical scope. Provided they are, we will produce an additional functionality proposal detailing how the function will perform, and a time and price estimate, based on our programmer rate of P650 or $15 per hour. Upon coding, we can also provide instructions on how to use the additional functionality (if necessary). This specification will be limited to what it can do only, not what it can’t do. Any feature or functionality that is not within the specification sent to you will not be included.

The quote will cover the programming of the functionality, and is guaranteed to work in the way specified in the specification. The quote does not cover design adjustments – if you would like adjustments as to how the functionality visually looks after it is coded, this will be charged at P650 or $15 per hour. If you have a particular idea as to how the additional functionality should look, this will need to be brought up during your initial brief so it can be quoted for.

Cebu Web Concepts will not be liable if we are unable to provide your functionality requirements if not discussed with us and written on the Proposal and Contract..

For complex functionality, code research may be required to investigate the feasibility, how the function will perform, and an approximate price. If we need to allocate a programmer to look into your requirements for you in depth, an examination charge of P650 or $15 per hour will be required. You will be advised of this before any research is carried out.

If the additional functionaly requires further customizations not included in the brief, these will be charged in addition to the quoted price (programming work is Php650 or $15 per hour).

No work will commence until we have confirmation (written or verbal) that you are happy to proceed.

System Limitations

  • The system is not a customer relationship manager (CRM), allowing you to connect with, communicate with, or collect a database of customer information.
  • The system does not integrate with your accounting package (MYOB/Xero etc), stock management systems or ERP systems.
  • The functionality and page layout of the front end (the website the customer will view) will operate in the same structure as the demo version of the template you have selected. You will be presented with a homepage concept and an inner page concept, but the content areas will look and function the same they do in the template, and cannot be customised without an additional cost. These content areas include the product page, cart page, contact page and any account setup pages. Any changes to this structure must be discussed and agreed to with your designer prior to the design concept being approved and coded. Any design changes of this nature will incur an additional charge. A quote estimate will be provided to you for your approval before any work commences.
  • The system may not integrate with your preferred payment gateway. Paypal and bank transfer are included in the base package functionality, however other payment gateway options (like DPS, Flo2cash etc.) can be integrated at an additional charge. The client will be responsible for setting up their account with the payment gateway and making arrangements with their bank if required. It is a requirement for all credit card transactions to go through a secure payment gateway, and credit cards cannot be processed insecurely.
  • Your ecommerce package comes with a free contact form. You will be able to define which email address this is emailed to. You’re also able to setup multiple ‘departments’ and define a separate email address for each department. The fields on the contact form include an email address, and a message. If the person filling out the form is logged in, it will pre-populate their name. The fields, and the styling of the form are not customizable. If you wish to add another form to your website, you can get us to program in one these forms.
  • Cebu Web Concepts can program in the functionality for multiple currencies on your e-commerce website if required. Unless otherwise specified, Dollars will installed as the default currency. The display price will show in the currency as specified by the website viewer, and the transaction will be processed by your payment gateway in your default currency.
  • If your categories block is on the side of your website, the system comes pre-built with a dynamic category management, where if you add a category to your product listings, the category will show up on your site. You can have as many categories as you like, but the categories block will only show three levels deep. Your categories can be as many levels deep as you’d like, but to view levels deeper than three, the viewer will need to navigate from within the category. If your categories are displayed horizontally as category tabs, the dynamic menu system will show up to three levels under each category just as they do on the side block, however as the horizontal categories need to be hard-coded, any changes to these horizontal categories after your website has been coded will need to be updated by our programmers at P650 or $15 per hour.
  • The on-page CMS will work exactly as specified in the documentation we provided. If particular layouts within the page are required, you can either create these layouts using tables from within the CMS. If you would like Cebu Web Concepts to load in the content or structure the layout of particular pages, our content loading service can be used for P650 or $15 per hour.
  • All particular functions of a usual E-commerce website are all in the package. Anything unusual or not listed in the base package functionality will require additional programming time, and will be quoted and agreed to before work begins.

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