Get Fit while Sitting

Posted on Aug 24, 2015 in Fitness & Health, Ideas

Get Fit while Sitting

You can build muscle and burn fat from just about anywhere – even a chair. That’s great news if you’re in a wheelchair or simply can’t walk very far. Talk to your doctor first to make sure it’s safe for you to exercise and whether there are any movements you shouldn’t do.

Once you get the all clear, you can practice five simple moves that will help you do everything from carry groceries to back out of tricky parking spaces with ease.Work your way up to doing two sets of 10 to 15 repetitions for each exercise.

Side Arm Raise.

This movement strengthens your shoulder to make lifting things like groceries easier.Sit in an armless chair with your feet flat on the floor, shoulder width apart.

Place your arms at your sides, holding light weights if you’re able, and breathe in.Then breathe out as you slowly raise both arms straight out to your side until your hands are at shoulder height.Breathe in again as you gentle as you gently lower your arms.

Seated Row.

For this exercise, you’ll need a long resistance band, which resembles a giant rubber band. This movement strengthens your upper back, shoulders, and neck to make everyday chores,such as vacuuming and raking,easier on your body.

Sit in armless chair with your feet on the floor, shoulder width apart. Place the center of the resistance band under your feet, and hold the ends with your hands. Turn your palm inward and breathe in. Pull up and back slowly as you breathe out until your hands are at your hips. Hold the pose for one second, then slowly lower your hands.

Chair Dip.

You don’t need any special equipment for this one, just a chair dip strengthens your arm muscles to help you get out of chair. Sit with your feet flat on the floor,shoulder width apart.

Lean a little forward but keeep your back and shoulder straight – no stooping. Breathe in as you grab the chair arms at your sides. Breathe out and slowly push your body off the chair. Don’t stand up completely. Instead hold the pose for one second, and gradually lower yourself back down.

Leg Straightening.

This move may seem too simple, but it will go a long way toward building thigh muscle and easing knee arthritis. Sit with your back against the back of the chair, with only the toes and balls of your feet touching the floor.Place a rolled up towel under one thigh at the edge of the chair and breathe in.

Slowly raise that foot,as you breathe out, until the leg is straight, but don’t lock your knee. Flex your foot by pointing your toes to the ceiling, then gently lower your leg back to the floor. Repeat with your other leg. Once this exercise becomes easy, add ankle weight to keep building those muscles.

Back Twist.

The simplest things seem to get harder with age,like swinging a golf club or turning to look behind you when backing out of a parking space. This exercise will help. Check with your doctor first if you have had hip or back surgery. Sit toward the edge of a chair with armrests, as upright as possible.

Make sure your feet are feet are flat on the floor, shoulder width apart. Slowly twist at your waist until you face left. Your hips should keep facing forward, not turn with you. Turn your head to the left. Put your left hand on the left armrest and your right hand on your left thigh. Gently twist as far to the left as you can without hurting yourself. Hold the position for 10 to 30 seconds, then repeat the same move to your right. Unlike the other exercises, you should do this one at least four times on each side.


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