How to gain confidence at work

Posted on Jan 14, 2015 in Lifestyle

How to gain confidence at work


be more confident about your work

Be more confident about your work

So you’ve finally bagged a job at a great company. Congrats. Now the next step to set up for professional life is to gain confidence about office life.

Even for seasoned individuals, it is sometimes difficult to be confident while expressing themselves.

Follow this guide to zoom your confidence and skyrocket your career.

1. Ask questions.

Fortune favors the curious at the workplace. You have your targets and goals in front of you but unless you’re curious about why you’re doing what you’re doing, your work will not amount to anything great. Finding answers to nagging questions and knowing with absolute certainly what you’re working on will help you be more confident about your work and in turn, transform you into a confident person.

2. Own up to your mistakes.

At each stage of your career you will commit errors, even if unknowingly. When you are pulled up for it, do not treat it as abuse or the rants of a rude boss. Take those words as constructive criticism and do your best to never let the same mistake happen again. Not only will this make you humble, it will also give you the confidence to remain tranquil through all the downs of your career too.

3. Celebrate your wins.

You have been slugging it out for days and nights on end on the presentation that your client demanded. And now that you’ve successfully beaten the deadline and made a lot of money and respect for yourself it is time to reward your support staff in the office. Be social and outgoing in the office by throwing regular parties whenever you achieve a milestone and watch your confidence soar in front of your colleagues.

4. Look respectable.

The way you appear outside is the way everyone will judge your inner motivations. Dress well and rock your formals to make a lasting impression. Spare yourself the entire arm dragon tattoo to avoid the uncomfortable stares. We’re all judgmental that way.

5. Trust your instincts.

One of the most underutilized skills at the workplace is gut instinct. This is ironic considering how many great ideas actually occur when you’re not just thinking from the safe shores of logic. Look at the seemingly inexplicable fielding and bowling options M S Dhoni uses while captaining the cricket team. Once in a while at least, it is imperative that you do something straight from the heart at your workplace. Find your own inner Dhoni. There cannot be a bigger morale booster than watching your instinct succeed.

You will never find success without first finding confidence. Heed these words with care and watch yourself succeed even without trying.


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