How you can stay chic in your 20s, 30s and 40s

Posted on Mar 3, 2013 in Lifestyle

How you can stay chic in your 20s, 30s and 40s

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First and foremost, what is appropriate or not with regards to dressing your age is not set in stone. In this day and age, women of all ages wear whatever they want as long as they look good. However, there are also instances when you to start to feel too old to wear certain things—not because society tells you so, but because you yourself are changing.Perhaps you feel uncomfortable in the short skirts you used to wear in your twenties. Or you suddenly feel a bit ridiculous in your ultra skinny jeans.Sometimes, we may feel we’ve outgrown the clothes we used to wear but don’t know where to go from there.

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Here are a few suggestions on what to wear in your 20s, 30s and 40s.

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In your 20s: Experiment and be trendy
Being in your twenties gives you license to experiment.

This is the age where you are just coming out of your teens and your body changes might not be too obvious just yet. You can pretty much get away with wearing whatever you want.

Now is the time to bring out those micro-mini skirts (if you feel comfortable in them, of course) tight jeans, and midriff tops if you wanna show off a toned tummy.

Follow trends and see which you like and which you hate. The trial and error of your twenties will be a good gauge of what you will like and not like in your thirties so go ahead and have fun!

Remember to have a few serious pieces though, especially if you start working in a corporate setting.


Closet Staples: Anything goes, but a few pairs of skinny jeans, a variety of tank tops, nice fitting t-shirts, cardigans, sneakers, ballet flats, mini skirts and sun dresses are good to have.

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In your 30s: Go tailored and classy
There’s no getting around it: you are an adult but you may find it hard to let go of the child within.

Your body changes may also dictate what you may or may not feel comfortable wearing.

So, in this stage of your fashion life, you may want to bring your hemline a few inches lower and closer to your knee than your mid-thigh.

You can keep your skinny jeans or switch to straight or boot cut versions if you feel the need. Keep it chic by pairing with a great fitting blazer.

Menswear-inspired outfits look very stylish on women who choose to be a little more conservative without losing their fashion sense.

For dresses, nix the super short sun dresses and trade them with classy wrap dresses.

If you are going to go sexy on the cleavage, remember to keep the length respectable, and vice versa.


Closet Staples: Wrap dresses, blazer, investment pieces such as a nice everyday bag, a few dresses that can go from day to night, heels, ankle boots, straight or boot cut jeans, maxi dresses.


In your 40s: Exude confidence with statement accessories
At this stage, you are probably pretty set in your style so dressing might be a little more of a no-brainer for you.

Remember, though, not to fall into the trap of routine and start dressing only out of necessity and not to have fun anymore.

Even at this age, you can still be chic. And you can probably afford more high-quality clothes and accessories than you did earlier on in life.

You can pair shift dresses with colorful shoes.

Also, now is a great time to wear chunky necklaces, oversized rings and such. A woman in her forties exudes confidence that can only come with age!


Closet Staples: Shift dresses, classic handbags, fun, printed scarves, chunky accessories.




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